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We make protein bars that are actually yummy

Made in the African Sahara,
Shipped worldwide.

Protabar is The first protein bar made in the African Sahara. We use fresh dates from The African palm trees to make our bars. We are open to the world and ship to 220 countries. We will ship you our freshly made bars within 5 days wherever in the world you may be. We are a team of 10 who decided to focus all their energy to make ONE bar that meets all standards of taste, texture, odor, nutrition and shelf life. 

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Our Story

We noticed that protein bars out there do not have a fresh taste, 

Unlike all the other protein bar manufacturers who just make lots of flavors, we wanted one flavor that would make you go WOW. We wanted a bar that would taste fresh and feel soft in the mouth. 

Start of R&D
First Production
International Shipping

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