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Yes! We are the manufacturers of the protein bars PROTABAR. We even make the egg white protein ourselves. That is why our bars are high quality. The Egg white used in the bars is nothing like the egg white powder you find in the market. The protein is complete, intact, odorless and top notch quality.

We ship worldwide, to all the countries in the world.

We ship either from Tunisia, Northern Africa, where our factory is based or from Paris, France, where our European headquarters are or from GA, CA, FL (USA) where our distribution US centers are.

No. We do business through a global network and we comply with the customs of each destination country. If any issue arises, feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to assist.

There is low risk you would get the wrong item or the wrong order since we only manufacture one product: PROTABAR protein bars that we make with care and pride.

We are happy to refund you anyway. We study refund requests on a case by case basis.

Feel free to email us at: for refund requests.

EMS Post (Free shipping) or DHL Express (Expedited).

Yes. We do offer tracking numbers both on the free and expedited shipping.

We automatically send the tracking number to all clients within 24hrs from order placement (That’s because it takes up to 24hrs for he carrier to activate the numbers for us upon dropping the packages). If you placed an order and haven’t received your tracking number yet, you can claim your tracking number by sending us an email at

Depending on the country of destination, our free EMS shipping usually takes from 5 to 10 days to arrive.

Express DHL shipping faster and usually takes 2 to 5 days.

We offer free shipping worldwide even if you order one box regardless of your location. We believe in the health benefits of our bars and would like people all over the world to have them.

Absolutely! One bar is strictly 4 egg whites, 3 dates, 10 hazelnuts and a pinch of premium natural cocoa.

Each bar has 15g of egg white protein (4 egg whites). We make the egg white protein ourselves from local eggs. We have created an innovative process that keeps the egg white protein intact, complete and odorless.

Of course they can. It’s 100% natural. No additives. Children absolutely love the taste of our bars. They eat it with such excitement and it doesn’t feel like egg whites or dates to them. Parents are happy to see their kids eating 4 egg whites, 3 dates, 10 hazelnuts with such appetite.

Please keep in mind that the protein in Protabar is clean natural egg white. We DO NOT use protein supplements in any way.

Yes. Absolutely safe. Protabar is gluten free. We only process Protabar in our facilities. No risk of gluten contamination. No trace of Gluten guaranteed.

Yes. There is no lactose in our bars.

NO. We do not allow any additives, any preservatives, any weird named ingredients in our bars and most important, NO hidden ingredients. We are transparent about our ingredient list and Protabar is only made of 4 ingredients which are: 4 egg whites, 3 dates, 10 hazelnuts and a pinch of premium natural cocoa.

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