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All Natural Protein Bar -15g protein/bar [12 Pack]


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15g Egg White Protein Per Bar

Protabar is made with 4 simple natural ingredients:

4 egg whites
3 dates
10 hazelnuts
A pinch of cocoa

No added sugar. No additives. No sugar alcohols. No soy. No gluten. No dairy.

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4 Ingredients Only

Balanced Macros

Simple Natural Ingredients

We do not add anything else to the ingredients listed above. No additives. No preservatives. No soy. No gluten. No artificial flavors. No dairy. No lactose. No cholesterol.

We don’t add sugar to our bars. The sugar contained in the bars is the natural sugar that comes naturally from the 3 dates mentioned in the list above [mainly fructose].

The Best Source Of Protein

Each bar has 15g of egg white protein [ovalbumin]. The egg white protein is the most complete protein out there. It provides all the amino acids and BCAA needed.

We use fresh egg whites. One bar contains exactly 4 egg whites. We figured an innovative way to keep the egg white protein wholesome and intact. We did not want to just buy overprocessed protein powder and add to the bars. This is why our protein is complete and odorless.

One Bar For Everybody

Protabar is the protein snack for all your family.

Protabar is suitable for kids. When you give a Protabar to a kid you are literally giving them 4 egg whites, 3 dates, 10 hazelnuts and a pinch of natural cocoa. Even if your kid would not eat egg whites, he will eat protabar because it’s yummy and tastes nothing like eggs.

Great Taste... Great Texture

Unlike other bars in the market with elastic and chewy texture, Protabar has a nice soft texture accompanied with the crunchiness of the hazelnuts.

We have only one flavor for now which is chocolate hazelnuts. We wanted to come up with THE perfect bar that ticks all boxes when it comes to nutrition value, taste, texture… Actually the bars are not just flavoured hazelnuts, they contains 10 real whole hazelnuts!

Immediate Strength

Protabar will give you instant energy and strength in a balanced way.

If you are a busy person and do not have time to prepare a healthy meal, Protabar can be a quick fix to provide you with balanced macros and energy.

I personally love to have one bar for breakfast with coffee.

It’s also a great pre-workout before gym. It gives you all the energy and protein you need for your gym sessions.

Many prefer it as post-workout for recovery.

Soccer and Tennis players love to have a bar in between halftimes or in between sets.

Professional runners swear by the energy Protabar gives them in short and long distances.

Thus said, Protabar remains a natural snack with solely natural ingredients that can be grabbed anytime of the day. Suitable for all ages.

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