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“ I purchased the bars for myself but now my mom is addicted too! This is the first time ever she approves of a protein bar. The texture is just amazing. ”
Zoe Degotardi [New Zealand]
daughter mother review
“ I live in Italy and I got my box of Protabars within 5 days. I have never expected them to be this good to be honest.”
Marija [Italy]
“My boyfriend ate them all real quick. He says they are better then the bars they sell at his gym.”
Luiza Daianu [Romania]
“I use them as a snack when I don't have time to prepare something to eat in between meals. This really helps me not to cheat while satisfying my sweet tooth. Whether you are in fitness or not, I highly recommend these bars.”
Chakib Bouhlal [Kuwait]
“I have tried several protein bars in the past. This one has a soft texture that got me hooked from the first bite. Yummy! I use them as pre-workout with my cup of black coffee.”
Lizzie [Thailand]
“ You can tell the high quality right away. I use the bars as meal replacements and I have been able to shed 4 pounds in a couple weeks while keeping my muscle mass. My body got firmer although I haven't really been working out.”
Terrt [USA]
“I finished the box within a couple days lol. Ordering more soon"
Ramzy Amin [Saudi Arabia]
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