The most natural and delicious protein bar.

Made of only 4 natural ingredients. Each bar has 15g protein.

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4 ingredients

Protabar Ingredients English
Smooth on the belly

0% Gluten

Protabar is easy to digest  and contains no gluten.

Only ingredients you can pronouce

No B.S

additive free

We do NOT do additives. We do NOT do flavors. We do NOT do preservatives. We do NOT do B.S.

Naturally Aseetened by 3 dates

No Added Sugar

Smooth on the belly

0% lactose

Our bars do not contain dairy and are 100% lactose free.

dairy free
the tastiest and healthiest snack you will ever get your hands on!

15g egg white protein bar

Ideal for your snacks, breakfasts, workouts… Satisfies your sweet tooth in the healthiest way.


Why They Love Us

“I have tried several protein bars in the past. This one has a soft texture that got me hooked from the first bite. Yummy! I use them as pre-workout with my cup of black coffee.”
“ I live in Italy and I got my box of Protabars within 5 days. I have never expected them to be this good to be honest.”
yoga protein bar 1
We focused on ONE flavor

We have chosen to focus all our energy and expertise in developing THE flavor that makes you go wow, as opposed to having several flavors that are just ok.

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